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What Actually Is… A Limit Order?

What is a limit order? How does it work? What are the advantages of using it and how do you set it up in the BISON App?
We will show you the new feature in BISON.

Bitcoin and Taxes: The BISON Info Report.

Bitcoin and Taxes: The BISON Info Report

German tax authorities also have something to say when it comes to Bitcoin & Co. After all, in principle, profits made from trading cryptocurrencies are liable to tax. BISON provides an annual Info Report documenting all trading activities.

Blog post image for video interview: a candid sit-down with BISON's CEO.

Video interview: A candid sit-down with BISON’s CEO

Ulli Spankowski, CEO of BISON, shared an in-depth video interview. In it, he comments on several topics that we know many of our users are interested in: The general situation at BISON, emerging cryptocurrencies, new features, and much more.
Given that this video is only available in German, we’ve decided to use this blog to summarize its key takeaways and information.

Infographics about Bitcoin Crypto Currencies

All BISON infographics at a glance

The BISON infographics present information about the complex world of crypto currencies in a simple, comprehensible and graphically appealing way. Previously scattered over many channels, we have now summarised the explanatory pictures in this blog article. Check it out …

Blog post about the new cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash in the BISON app.

New Cryptocurrency at BISON: Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

From now on, the BISON herd can buy and sell another cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The original Bitcoin (BTC) inspired the development of BCH in 2017, which is said to be the faster BTC. Today, BCH is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world.


Hello, World! BISON Is Now Blogging.

BISON is now blogging. From inside the machine. About Bitcoin, Blockchain, and all things crypto. About what moves the market. About what moves BISON. About what moves you. Are you in?