Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot Price Chart (DOT)

The year 2021 saw quite a few cryptocurrencies hit their prime and establish a solid rank among the top 20 coins – one of which, Polkadot (DOT), has been enjoying a significant rise in popularity within the crypto community. We’ve prepared a clear overview explaining what sets Polkadot apart from other major blockchains and why DOT, the blockchain’s native cryptocurrency, has become so intriguing.

Here you can see the current Polkadot price (DOT) and an overview of its historical development.
As of today (23.06.2024), the current Polkadot (DOT) price is at 5,31 EUR, a -1,08% decreased as the previous day (22.06.2024) of 5,37 EUR.

Current Price 5,3564 -0,41%
Time and Date Sunday, 23.06.2024 15:25:30
24h Low 5,3457
24h High 5,4216
Last 52 weeks Low 3,4479 (20.10.2023)
Last 52 weeks High 10,6269 (15.03.2024)

How can I buy and sell Polkadot (DOT) in 2022?

After a dynamic price development in 2021 – which prompted Polkadot’s growing popularity – more and more crypto trading exchanges have added DOT to their portfolio. But for those who value simple, transparent, and fast trading when it comes to cryptocurrencies, BISON is the ideal choice. 

Why buy Polkadot from BISON? It's simple, smart, and reliable

Jump right in, without any unnecessary paperwork

Register free of charge on the BISON app or right on the website and create an account. This account gives you access to all of BISON’s features, allowing you to try them out right away. In demo mode, you can experiment without worrying about any risks. Then, as soon as you get the hang of it, you can buy your first DOT coin. All you have to do is verify your identity (quickly and conveniently) online and you’re ready to go. There’s no need to supply your own wallet, deal with technical hurdles, or fill out unnecessary paperwork – BISON handles the complicated parts for you.

Test things out in demo mode

Are you new to crypto and looking to ease your way into trading? Then BISON is perfect for you! Before you buy your first DOT coins, you can carefully test out BISON and get to know all of its features step-by-step. There’s no time limit and we’ll provide you with play money in demo mode. This way, you can decide for yourself when it’s time to buy your first coin with real money. 

Fee traps? Not with BISON 

You’re ready and want to invest in Polkadot, but feel nervous there might be hidden charges? Don’t worry – with BISON, you won’t experience any nasty surprises like additional fees for transactions, deposits, etc. With BISON, you only pay the price that is displayed to you when you buy cryptocurrencies. This holds for Polkadot as well as for all other listed coins. 

Only real coins – always

Anyone familiar with crypto trading is aware that the digital currency market has its pitfalls. Alongside real coins, there exist several alternatives that, at first glance, are virtually indistinguishable from the original. BISON strictly distances itself from such alternatives – here, you’ll only get real coins. Low-value or highly speculative derivatives (like CFDs) are explicitly not part of BISON’s philosophy of straightforward, transparent, and secure crypto trading. 

Security and transparency powered by Börse Stuttgart

By choosing BISON, you’re also gaining a reliable partner – the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. You benefit not only from the reliability of a traditional stock exchange, but also from their high standards in security, technology, and transparency. 

Always keep an eye on the Polkadaot price

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