Solana (SOL)

Solana Price Chart (SOL)

If you happened to follow Solana’s price development in 2021, you’re likely familiar with its unexpected triumph: While its price oscillated between about 2 and 5 EUR in January, it ended up reaching the extreme level of 247.26 EUR in November. But this steep increase in price isn’t the only thing that’s caught crypto investors’ attention – we’ve outlined everything you need to know about what makes Solana (SOL) so special and why it may be worth investing in.

Here you can see the current Solana price (SOL) and an overview of its historical development.

Current Price 88,7992 +0,93%
Time and Date Tuesday, 16.01.2024 18:13:40
24h Low 85,5560
24h High 89,9012
Last 52 weeks Low 13,3626 (15.06.2023)
Last 52 weeks High 109,7914 (26.12.2023)

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How can I buy and sell Solana (SOL) in 2022?

Now that Solana’s made its way into the top 10 cryptocurrencies, it’s no longer considered a niche currency and can be traded on a wide range of crypto exchanges. If you’re looking for a straightforward process and don’t want to deal with any unnecessary paperwork, check out BISON. 

Why buy Solana (SOL) through BISON? It's simple, smart, and reliable.

Quick and intuitive start

With BISON, you’re only a few steps away from buying your first SOL coin: After registering for free in the BISON app or via the website, you’ll immediately have an account. With your account, you can test out all of BISON’s features. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with everything BISON has to offer, you can go ahead and buy your first SOL. Just get your account verified (quickly and conveniently) online and you’ll be all set to get started. There’s no need to supply your own wallet, deal with technical hurdles, or fill out unnecessary paperwork – BISON handles the complicated parts for you.


Experiment with demo mode, risk-free!

New to crypto and not quite versed in how it works? No worries! Before buying your first SOL coins, you can play around with BISON’s different features – there’s no time limit and you won’t have to spend a single cent. BISON provides you with play money in demo mode, giving you the chance to practice trading crypto before making any concrete investments. This lightens the pressure of buying and selling crypto, creating a relaxed user-experience

100% cost transparency 

You’ve got the hang of it and want to invest real money in Solana? Then you’re all set to trade – and there’s no need to worry about hidden fees for transactions, deposits, etc. With BISON, you only pay the price you see when trading. You can buy Solana (SOL) – as well as any other cryptocurrency listed – without any additional fees, always.

No room for compromise

Nowadays, the crypto market is full of several different investment options. Alongside standard coins, you’ll find countless alternatives that are often difficult to distinguish from the originals. With BISON, however, you can always feel confident that you’re only dealing with real coins. Low-value or highly speculative derivatives (like CFDs) are explicitly not part of BISON’s philosophy of straightforward, transparent, and secure crypto trading. 

Security and transparency powered by Börse Stuttgart

By choosing BISON, you’re also gaining a reliable partner – the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. You benefit not only from the reliability of a traditional stock exchange, but also from their high standards in security, technology, and transparency. 

Always keep an eye on the Solana price

Keep track of the prices of the tradable cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC),  Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL) and many more and stay always up to date what’s going on in the crypto world. Get the app now or register online!

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