Buying Chainlink (LINK)

With Chainlink (LINK), you’re investing your money in an extremely exciting crypto project. This network offers its own coin, LINK, that you can now buy via BISON. Start trading with this innovative cryptocurrency and track its price easily, right in the BISON app.

Chainlink (LINK) is causing quite a buzz in the world of cryptocurrencies. Smart contracts play a key role in this, offering many advantages compared to traditional contracts, such as automatically checking compliance with contract terms. While these contracts truly are quite smart, they also have a significant drawback: They’re unable to access information that is not on the chain. Chainlink offers a solution to this problem and, as a result, has become quite the hot topic among crypto experts. You now have the opportunity to trade Chainlink (LINK) using the wide range of services that BISON provides. Get involved with one of today’s most interesting crypto projects, monitor its price trends, and get involved in trading. Now is the right time to invest in Chainlink.

An overview of all the key features and characteristics of Chainlink (LINK):

  • Strong network: Chainlink is built on Ethereum, one of the largest crypto networks in the world with excellent security standards.
  • Limited Coin: The number of coins is limited for Chainlink, meaning that arbitrary multiplication and devaluation is not possible.
  • Tangible benefits of this technology: Chainlink brings information from the outside world onto the chain. This is a concrete benefit that makes this network worthwhile to engage with.
  • Diversification: Use Chainlink (LINK) to diversify your money more broadly across cryptocurrencies.
  • Decentralized solution: Because Chainlink is built on Ethereum (ETH), it is decentralized. Meaning there is no central authority controlling Chainlink and you can trade at any time, even on weekends – essentially, whenever you want.

BISON takes away the complicated processes

BISON is simple and intuitive – you don’t need a wallet, a deposit etc., and you don’t have to deal with any tedious paperwork. There are no complicated technical barriers or processes. All you need is the BISON app and you are ready to go!

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