Ripple (XRP)

Ripple Price (XRP)

Here you can see the current Ripple price (XRP) and an overview of its historical development. Ripple (XRP) is one of the crypto currencies you can trade at BISON.
As of today (28.09.2023), the current Ripple (XRP) price is at 0,47 EUR, a -0,15% decreased as the previous day (27.09.2023) of 0,47 EUR.


General information about Ripple (XRP)

Above you will find the current Ripple price live – it is updated every five seconds. In the chart and with the help of the tabs you can also follow the historical Ripple price and its price in Euro. Ripple is the “Bitcoin of banks and payment providers” and one of the largest crypto currencies by market capitalization. The idea behind the open source protocol, which is based on a public database, is to replace the classic modern money systems based on trust and actual cash in the long term. Unlike Bitcoin and Co., Ripple cannot be “mined”. More information can be found at: and further down the page. If you want to trade Ripple or other crypto currencies, BISON makes it easy, smart and reliable.

Ripple (XRP) facts at a glance

  • The currency (coins) of Ripple is called XRP
  • Ripple was “invented” in 2004 by Ryan Fugger
  • Trading with Ripple currency is possible smart with BISON

Always keep an eye on the Ripple price

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