BlSON Blog Story

How did BISON get it’s name?

“Why are you called BISON?” This is probably the question we get asked most often – well, okay, it comes second to when we’re going to add more coins. Anyways, we did some research on BISON’s story and wanted to finally unravel the mystery.


Now, we could easily say that we hired the most expensive advertising agencies and spent months crafting the perfect name, along with the perfect branding – but that would be a lie. In reality, BISON comes straight from our core. In other words, it comes from our team. After a string of evenings brainstorming together, enjoying a couple of drinks, and filling up several whiteboards, we asked ourselves: “What name will we remember tomorrow?”


To our surprise, it wasn’t just some abbreviation or variant of finance, crypto, trade, etc. – it was BISON.


BISON represents what we do. Bulls and bears symbolize the traditional stock market and, although a bison resembles both, it is neither. While BISON is closely linked to traditional trading through its relationship with the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, BISON is clearly not like the traditional finance world. BISON provides a product that’s tailored to the needs of its customers and makes trading cryptocurrencies as easy as possible for them.


BISON is your friendly pal – the team that’s got your back.

The video is only available in German.