Hello, World! BISON Is Now Blogging.

BISON is now blogging. From inside the machine. About Bitcoin, Blockchain, and all things crypto. About what moves the market. About what moves BISON. About what moves you. Are you in?

All About Bitcoin: More Knowledge, Better Decisions.

A representative survey published in November 2019 by the IT industry association, Bitkom, catches the public’s eye: Although two-thirds of German citizens are interested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, roughly the same amount complain that they know too little about it. The consequence is obvious–– uncertainty. First of all, this is normal and understandable human behavior; when we don’t understand something, especially in regard to our finances, we approach it cautiously and are hesitant to use it. So the results of this survey don’t mean that digital financial innovations are rejected by the general population. Rather, they reveal the need to enable people to find their way around this new world by providing well-founded knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Is the Lead Currency of the Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain technology, upon which all cryptocurrencies are ultimately based, is a pivotal invention. Nowadays, thousands of companies, small startups, as well as global corporations, have adopted this technology and are further developing it every day. Bitcoin is the lead currency of this digital revolution and functioning markets are an essential part of its development. The BISON app is a part of this market ecosystem. Markets are based on the trust of their participants. Trust is fostered from knowledge, competence, and transparency. 

No one is born equipped with knowledge of how to trade Bitcoin. Expertise doesn’t fall from the sky–– it has to be acquired. Transparency is developed through communication. With this blog, we want to fulfill these goals. 

We want to explain and justify, as well as report and inform.

Through the words of this blog and features of the BISON app, we want to take what’s complicated and make it easily accessible to our users.
Our message in a nutshell: BISON makes the crypto world simple.