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Caution: Fake Profiles – Security in Social Media

In the past few months, we’ve had to repeatedly deal with fake profiles. These accounts impersonate the BISON app, use the BISON logo, or comment on posts in our name. Please bear in mind that these accounts have no connection with us and are operating fraudulently on these social media platforms. We’ll show you how to unmask these accounts, as well as how you can support us in the fight against fake profiles.

Why Do Fake Profiles Exist and Why Are They Dangerous?

It’s difficult to stop the creation of fake profiles. That’s why you can find these accounts on almost every platform. There are either real people or computer-controlled bots working behind these accounts. Their intention is to collect user data, which is often used for fraudulent purposes.

On social media, fake profiles write directly to people who have no idea what they are doing, or comment on our posts with links to other people’s websites.

How Can I Identify Fake Profiles?

At first glance, these profiles are difficult to distinguish as fake. A misspelling or a special character in the name are early indicators. You can find our profiles under the name BISON App. BISON is always written in capital letters and App is capitalized.

It is also worth taking a closer look at the information in a user’s profile. Is their profile picture realistic? Is the link to their website reputable?

Other clues include the pictures on the account, because even a newsfeed can be informative in unmasking a fake account. At BISON, pictures that we’ve posted over a longer period of time have already been copied from our newsfeed and shared on another profile within a few days.

What Can I Do about a Suspicious Account?

We never post links to other platforms that offer any sort of crypto deals or ask you for personal information out of the blue. You should not disclose any information about yourself to these accounts and should also decline any subscription requests.

If you spot any suspicious accounts on social media, feel free to notify us via direct message.

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What Measures Does Bison Take against Fake Profiles?

As soon as we discover a fake profile or a suspicious account, we delete corresponding comments immediately. We also inform the relevant platforms about the criminal activities of these profiles. On top of that, we are working hard to add a blue verification checkmark in order to eliminate any risk of profile confusion.
At the moment, we already have many users who actively support us in fighting these fake accounts. We’re proud of the BISON herd’s solidarity and thank you for your commitment!