The Crypto People Trading Cards Series A

Crypto People BISON Trading Cards (Series A)

In 2009, the first Bitcoins were mined and went completely unnoticed by the public. This leading cryptocurrency emerged from a scene of cryptographers, IT nerds, and political free spirits that hardly anyone, outside of their online forums and mailing lists, knew of. Since then, cryptocurrencies have become a global mass phenomenon and have had quite an exciting history. Who are the people behind making this impressive rise possible? Who are the pioneers, inventors, masterminds, and prophets? Who are the businessmen, influencers, and villains? In short: Who are the Crypto People?

The Complete Series A of Crypto People BISON Trading Cards

BISON presents the Crypto People BISON Trading Cards – a playful panorama with people who have shaped, and continue to shape, the crypto world. Series A contains 16 standard motifs and 1 gold card.

Collect em’ all, play, and have fun!