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All BISON infographics at a glance

Infographics, in which complex relationships are explained visually or with which abstract numerical data can be understood at once, are a useful thing. This is why we at BISON produce such diagrams, tables or charts again and again, because the world of crypto currencies is full of complicated facts. The BISON infographics should be simple, comprehensible and of course interesting.

Since we publish the BISON infographics in our channels on the social media platforms, it is a bit tedious to work your way through them all. That’s why we have compiled an overview here in the blog, in which we present all infographics from the last months at a glance.

The BISON Infographics

IT for the Bitcoin

In which countries in the world do the most nodes represent the IT infrastructure of the Bitcoin blockchain?

Use of crypto currency is growing

The use of crypto currencies has greatly increased in recent years – worldwide.

The power of encryption

Winning the jackpot in the lottery Powerball – who doesn’t dream of it? The chance of winning this main prize is 1 in 240 million. What are the chances of guessing the private key of your personal Bitcoin? Well, in any case, it is much, much smaller. Very much.

Planet Bitcoin in comparison.

The market capitalisation of Bitcoin, i.e. the current price multiplied by the amount of available coins, will be €135 billion in October 2019. The graph shows a size comparison with other value classes or shares. Conclusion: Bitcoin is still tiny compared to the traditional investment forms or FIAT currencies.

Use of cryptos and demography

Apparently there are considerable differences in the use of crypto currencies between the generations and indeed worldwide.

Conclusion 2019: Bitcoin in front

How did different asset classes perform in 2019 in terms of value? It is obvious that Bitcoin was clearly ahead in this respect.

Where is Bitcoin most popular?

The country comparison shows that crypto currencies still have great potential in some countries.

Do men and women think differently about crypto currencies?

The attitudes towards different aspects of crypto currencies are not so fundamentally different. For women, however, the security aspect is more important in their decision than for men.

May 2020: Halving graph

Bitcoin’s courses have developed positively after each halving. Will this be the case again after the 3rd halving? [P.S. Conclusion November 2020: Yes.]

IT for Ethereum

Where are the most servers in the world for running the Ethereum block chain?

Ethereum's market share grows

Ethereum’s market share has grown strongly in the 12 months leading up to October 2020. ETH has thus stabilised its position as the second largest crypto currency.

Comparison Bitcoin vs. Internet

How quickly do people use new technology? If you compare the speed of adaptation (since the introduction of the technology) of Bitcoin with the Internet, you will see parallels. It remains to be seen whether this is also a statement about the future of Bitcoin…