BISON und die Kansas City Chiefs

Touchdown for a powerhouse partnership:
BISON partners with the world champion in American Football,
the Kansas City Chiefs!

BISON, the multiple award-winning trading platform for crypto, securities, and ETFs developed by Boerse Stuttgart Group, is set to become the official partner of the reigning world champion in American Football, the Kansas City Chiefs, in the regions of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

Through this exciting multi-year collaboration, we’ll merge the fervor for American Football with the excitement of investment, opening up a unique opportunity to dive into the thrilling worlds of football and trading. 

BISON und Kansas City Chiefs Maskottchen

Experience the thrill
of the game first hand

Kollage der Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming to Germany! The first American Football game on German soil this season will take place on November 5th in Frankfurt.  


Want to be there for this once-in-a-lifetime experience? Then make sure you get the chance to win tickets for the game: 


Current raffle: We will inform you about a new raffle here and on our social media channels.

Chiefs Deutschland

Wolves and bison may not be natural allies in the wild, but in this unique partnership, they join forces as the mascots for both the Kansas City Chiefs and BISON. This collaboration includes brand integration, inspiring promotions, and exclusive events for BISON customers. 


More information about the Kansas City Chiefs can be found on their official German website: