You want to participate in the BISON Refer-a-Friend program and receive 10€ in Bitcoin?

To participate in the Refer-a-Friend program, use the invitation link on your smartphone, create a new account and enter the referral code on the registration screen.

Currently you want to participate via your computer (PC). 

Enter your email address here and open the email with  your personalized invitation link on your smartphone:  

Or copy the link and send it with another service you prefer

It works that simple:

  • Send invitation link by email
    Send invitation link by email

    Click on the invitation link on your smartphone and download the BISON app.

  • Register and verify account
    Register and verify account

    Sign up for free with your email, the referral code and verify your account via video-ident procedure in the app. The referral code is the six-digit code at the end of the invitation link.* Please note: You don’t have a BISON account yet with a corresponding email address.

  • Deposit money and trade
    Deposit money and trade

    Deposit any amount (EUR) and trade within the first 60 days after your registration.**

  • Receive 10€ in Bitcoin
    Receive 10€ in Bitcoin

    Congratulations, you receive 10€ in BTC directly in your BISON account.

* Please note: Without entering the referral code at registration, the receipt of the bonus can not be guaranteed. The referral code is the code at the end of the invitation link. It usually consists six digits, but can also contain a name. For example “yxc123” or “Bloggername”.


** You can also transfer a smaller amount of money (EUR) to your BISON account which will be traded several times.

Duration: Start: 01.02.2021, 12.00am and end: 14.06.2021, 11.59pm

By participating in this program you agree to the following conditions of participation:

All users of the BISON app of EUWAX AG who have successfully completed the registration process and are activated (“BISON users”) can participate in the BISON Friend-Recruit-Friends program. Subsequent registration and activation does not entitle the user to participate.

Employees of a company of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange Group are excluded from participation.

The BISON user receives a bonus for the successful recommendation of a new customer. New customers can only be persons of full age who are not yet activated users of the BISON App of EUWAX AG. The prize will be awarded for the conclusion of the contract for the use of the BISON App with EUWAX AG and the related contracts with blocknox and solarisbank for the use of the BISON App. A new customer is considered recommended if he/she registers and is activated as a user of the BISON App with EUWAX AG upon direct recommendation, using the provided link, and generates a predefined trading volume within 60 days after registration. A new customer can only be recommended once, multiple recommendations are not possible.

The BISON user will receive a notification via the BISON App as soon as the new customer has fulfilled the conditions. The premium will be credited to the BISON user’s BISON account in the BISON App after the conditions have been met.

It is not permitted to make the provided promotion link known to unknown or undefined groups of people (e.g. by publishing it in internet forums, voucher platforms, etc.) or to use it in the context of affiliate or comparable activities. In the event of infringements, EUWAX AG reserves the right to exclude the respective advertiser from the rewards programme and/or reclaim rewards.

EUWAX AG reserves the right to modify or amend the BISON Refer-A-Friend Program and the Terms and Conditions of Participation, insofar as this is necessary in the interest of simple and secure processing, in particular to prevent misuse, and provided that the participants are not disadvantaged contrary to good faith.

In the event of a change to the conditions of participation, the conditions of participation/conditions at the time when the new customer was registered and activated as a user of the BISON App are decisive.

This offer is only valid in Germany and is subject to change.

Subject to change without notice.

Please note the following information:

Recommendation messages within the framework of the BISON Friends-Recruit-Friends program have advertising content. Recipients may feel harassed by sending such messages. You must therefore ensure before sending that recipients have given their prior consent to receive such messages and that you can prove this. If recipients have not given their consent, no recommendation messages may be sent as part of the BISON Refer-A-Friend programme. If a message is nevertheless sent without prior consent, recipients can take legal action against the sending. According to the conditions of participation in the BISON Refer-A-Friend programme, the sending of recommendation messages without the prior consent of the recipient leads to exclusion from the bonus entitlement.

In order to prevent abuse, EUWAX AG will store the identification data (tax ID) of each user for a period of one year. If third parties can credibly prove that their rights have been violated by sending a recommendation message in the context of this offer, EUWAX AG will release the identification data for legal prosecution. By sending the message, you disclose that you are a customer of EUWAX AG.

Depending on your e-mail client settings, messages may be sent unencrypted.

If you use a messenger service to send the recommendation, please observe the data protection and usage instructions of the respective provider. Depending on the messenger service, under certain circumstances third parties may take note of the content of the transmitted data and the providers may grant themselves rights of use to the content of the message. Depending on the messenger service used, it is also possible that transmitted content is sent unencrypted.