It pays to save!

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Start your first savings plan and receive up to €35 in Bitcoin!

Here’s how easy it is:

1. Update the BISON app

If you want to participate through the app, make sure you have the latest version of the app (2.11.0).

Update your App Version

2. Verify yourself via the video identification process

If you haven't already done so.

verify yourself

3. Confirm your participation in the pop-up that appears

Click on the savings plan promotion banner and confirm your participation in the pop-up that appears.

Your Portfolio

4. Set up savings plan

Select a cryptocurrency and a savings interval (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) of your choice.
Note: Your investment amount must be at least €35 per interval.

The image shows a smartphone with the starting screen Trading Manager.

5. Activate savings plan

Keep your savings plan running for three consecutive savings intervals to receive your full reward.

6. Top up your BISON account

Keep in mind that your BISON account should always be adequately funded (via standing, order for example) before your next payment is executed. Otherwise, your reward cannot be credited to your account.

7. Receive your REWARD

After your first successful savings plan investment, you'll receive €10 in Bitcoin*. If you continue, you'll receive another €25 in Bitcoin* after your third successful investment.

*Cash reward is not possible.

The following conditions of participation apply to participation in the “Savings Plan Bonus” promotion (referred to below as “promotion”):

  1. The promotion is organized by EUWAX AG (Börsenstraße 4, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany).
  2. The promotion starts on April 11th, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. and ends on May 22nd, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. (promotional period). Once the promotion limit (see below point 6) is reached, participation will no longer be possible within the promotional period.
  3. During the promotional period, users who a) open a BISON account for the first time or b) already have a BISON account but have not yet created a savings plan by the start of the promotional period, can participate in the promotion.
  4. Participation is only possible by accepting the terms and conditions of participation provided in the pop-up window prompted by our web and app platforms.
  5. Rewards will only be distributed to the first 3,000 savings plans executed (“Promotion Volume”). Users are not entitled to receive additional bonuses, profits, financial compensation, or any other benefits, even after the total number of savings plans participating in the promotion has been reached.
  6.  Each BISON user may only participate in this promotion once.
  7. The following are eligible to participate in this promotion:
    • Anyone who is authorized to trade via BISON’s online services at the time of participation and is at least 18 years of age with their permanent residence in Germany, Switzerland or in Austria;
    • Anyone who fulfills the conditions under points 3 and 4;
    • Anyone who is authorized to have a fully registered BISON account as per BISON’s GTC.Rewards will be distributed to eligible users who complete the following actions upon approval within the Savings Plan feature;
  8. Rewards will be distributed to eligible users who complete the following actions upon approval within the Savings Plan feature:
      • Creating a savings plan of at least 35.00 EUR in any of the cryptocurrencies that are eligible for a savings plan;
      • Making the executions (of this first savings plan created after participation) in a weekly/monthly/quarterly interval in the amount of at least 35.00 EUR. The first execution will result in payment of the first reward (reward portion I).
      • Making two more consecutive executions (of this first savings plan created after participation). Three consecutive executions of the savings plan will result in payment of the premium II;

    In the following circumstances, payment of the reward is not possible or not possible in full: 

      • If the savings plan created is deleted before its first execution, a new savings plan can be set up that will be valid for the promotion, provided that the conditions for the rewards are met. If the savings plan created is deleted or paused after its first execution, participation will be terminated. In this event, the first reward (reward portion I) will be paid out.
      • If the savings plan is deleted or paused before its first execution, it will not be possible to receive both reward portions I and II. If the savings plan is deleted or paused before its third execution, it will not be possible to receive reward portion II.
      • Executing a savings plan and making payments pursuant to these terms and conditions of participation is only possible if you are a fully registered user within BISON’s online services (web and app), with unblocked and unrestricted access.
      • Authorized users must ensure that their BISON account is sufficiently funded in order for the corresponding withdrawal to be successfully executed. If a savings plan transaction cannot be executed, conditions for receiving the reward are not met. 
  9. Only a first-time created and successfully executed savings plan counts. The minimum amount for each execution (35.00 EUR) must be met by this plan alone.
    The reward will be issued in Bitcoin (BTC) to the BISON account of the user. Reward portion I amounts to 10.00 EUR in BTC (at the current exchange rate of that day). Reward portion II is 25.00 EUR in BTC (at the current exchange rate of that day).
  10. Participation in the promotion itself is free of charge. Executing savings plans to acquire cryptocurrencies involves costs associated with the amount of the respective savings plan at its set interval. For more information on how to use our cryptocurrency services, have a look at our basic and risk information.
  11. Those who are employees of companies belonging to the Stuttgart Stock Exchange Group and employees of companies operating on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, as well as their respective affiliates, are excluded from participating in the event.

  12. In order to provide the winners with their rewards, an automated evaluation of the savings plan conditions for all participating users is necessary. In the event that a reward is received, it will be recorded and paid out in connection with the user, as well as tracked for legal reasons.

  13. We reserve the right to exchange and replace the advertised rewards with other rewards, to change the course of the promotion or even to cancel it altogether in the event of a change in the legal situation or jurisdiction, or due to a court prohibition.

  14. We reserve the right to terminate the promotion prematurely, as well as to amend or supplement the terms and conditions of participation, provided that doing so is necessary in the interest of simple and secure processing, particularly in order to prevent misuse, and provided that this does not result in any disadvantage contrary to good faith.

  15. All provisions are subject to and governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the conflict of laws provisions, unless any statutory national consumer protection provisions in the country in which you have your residence or habitual abode take precedence in your favor. The place of performance is Stuttgart.

Information on Data Protection

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and adhere strictly to data protection regulations. The following statement will provide you with an overview of how we ensure this protection, as well as what type of data is collected and processed for what purpose relating to this competition.

Collecting, Processing, and Using Personal Data

In order to carry out the evaluation and reward payment within the framework of this promotion, we use data provided during registration for BISON’s online services, as well as trading and savings plan data. 

We also neethis information in order to pay out the corresponding rewards to eligible users. The legal basis for this is article 6, paragraph 1b) of the GDPR. 

Participants’ personal data will remain stored, given that we have legal obligations to maintain business records. The legal basis for this is article 6, paragraph 1c) of the GDPR.

Revocations, Amendments, Corrections, and Updates

You always have the right to receive information about your stored personal data, its recipients, and the purpose of data processing. Information about stored data (article 15 of the GDPR) is provided by the data protection officer of EUWAX AG. In addition, you have the right to correct any inaccurate data (article 16 of the GDPR) and – insofar as this does not conflict with any legal obligation to retain data – to block and delete your personal data, and object to its processing (articles 17, 18, and 21 of the GDPR).

You can, at any time, revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data with future effect. A declaration of revocation does not render the processing of personal data carried out on the basis of previously declared consent unlawful. The revocation is not bound to any form. You can send your revocation to our data protection officer by email to or by post to EUWAX AG, Börsenstraße 4, 70174 Stuttgart.


To learn more about EUWAX AG’s privacy policy, click here.